Miyerkules, Marso 9, 2011

May Aasahan pa Ba Kayo Sakin?

Sa mga babae, ang sagot jan ay OO. MoxieSNSD nga eh. Wag kayong makulit.

Hi friend! If you're seeing this the first time, i must warn you : you won't easily get this blog. I just hate a baduy group. They have nothing they have to lay on me and they don't need my help. Some people just put up clubs and stand there like there's still forever of their life doing nothing. If you're going to put up a club, don't wait until it gets to the World's Most Waley Club Awards, or, a.k.a. , until it gets too waley people don't wanna join it anymore. What to do to enhance it? Read these steps.

1.Make its site.
Like me, to enhance my club, i put on its website. Maybe not my original site like the mydomain.com, just the yourdomain.blogspot.com style. It says blogs about everything, so always be updated. The best way to make it shine is thru FB. Either group or page works best, or page will work better.

2.Ask a club staff
The more, the better right? You gotta get a staff from groups of 3 or more. No 2 people can do all that stuff. I have this friend whose club is no more famous than mine. She's doing everything alone. Not good right? Even her magazine sucks! Wrong spellung.

3.Wait for fans
All you have to do next is to wait for some raindrops of fans. Fans are better than comments.

Okay, that's all we can talk about for now. Bye!